7 Ways Live Chat Can Benefit Your Law Firm

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7 Ways Live Chat Can Benefit Your Law Firm

Live chat has the potential to generate more leads than email, social media or phone calls. In fact, live chat boasts a 92% customer satisfaction rate, with 42% claiming it’s their preferred way of handing over their valuable contact details.

Here are seven ways in which live chat can benefit your law firm… 

1. Instant answers

One of the most significant advantages of utilising live chat in the legal sector is the ‘instant’ nature of the process. Potential and existing clients will receive answers to their queries on a live, one-to-one basis. On average, email responses take around 24 hours, social media messages take one hour and live chat responses take less than a minute in most cases. Prompt, accurate and helpful answers delivered via live chat can create a seamless and highly positive experience for the customer.

2. Easy to store information

If clients use a live chat service, they can save the information they receive, rather than writing down hasty notes during a phone call. This is incredibly useful if they need to refer back to a particular answer to a question – especially if it involves legal terms and various reference numbers.

3. Reduced waiting times

Long gone are the times where customers would wait on the phone for the next available customer service agent. The average wait time for an agent to respond to a customer on live chat is 45 seconds – and it’s getting faster every year. One of the most off-putting parts of contacting a business is waiting times. Customers lead busy lives and prefer not to spend valuable time waiting for an answer to a specific question.

4. Keeping tabs

Live chat is a much easier way to keep tabs on the service your employees are providing. There’s no need to trawl through thousands of minutes of recorded telephone calls – live chat is much easier to supervise. Solicitors in particular would benefit from live chat in this way because senior management can keep an eye on whether or not the employees are providing accurate information.

5. Utilising staff time

Live chat agents can handle two or three client queries at a time, rather than just one if they were using the phone. Recently, it was reported that the average live chat agent handles 44.2% more queries per month, meaning more leads are generated for your firm because of the cost-effective solution for handling queries.

6. Repeat customers

As a result of all the benefits of live chat, you’re far more likely to see a rise in repeat customers. Thanks to almost instantaneous response times, more accurate information and high-quality technology, live chat will keep clients coming back for more. This could also help improve word of mouth recommendations, as clients happy with your customer service are likely to enthuse about it with their friends and family.

7. Easier to improve

Live chat is one of the easiest ways to analyse data and execute future improvements related to your customer service strategy. Written transcripts are readily available and can be used for training purposes. They can also determine how fast you’re dealing with customers’ questions, which questions are the most common, how your staff deal with the queries and so on. Live chat is essentially a who’s who of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to providing excellent customer service.

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