9 Email Marketing Tips For Law Firms

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9 Email Marketing Tips For Law Firms

Email marketing is an attractive marketing tool for law firms for several reasons.

It is relatively low-cost when compared to alternative communications such as Direct Mail or advertising as well as the benefit of analytics in regards to the engagement of its recipients.

A monthly newsletter can be a fantastic way of engaging with your current clients, nurturing your brand with prospective customers and positioning yourself as the thought leader within your industry or region.

Here are some key points you will want to remember when sending emails:

1 Choose the right software. From building tailored email templates to creating targeted campaigns, email marketing software is key to growing your subscriber list. Easy to use and extensive in features, software such as MailChimp and Campaign Monitor enables you to connect with a large number of clients at the click of a mouse.

2 Quality is better than quantity. If you do not already have a list of prospective customers, you can easily start to acquire details by using form submission on key pages on your website. The likelihood is that this may start off slow, but as time goes on this data becomes a real asset.

3 Avoid the hard-sell. This is a communication channel where you can build relationships, offer information of value and present yourself as an expert. Take the time to create some engaging content that offers added value to your existing clients or seeks to educate prospective customers. If struggling to find time to dedicate to producing this content services such as Editor Assist can make this easier at a low cost.

4 Make a connection. Consider your email’s subject line and any call to actions. If your email is titled ‘monthly newsletter’ it is unlikely to attract attention. Use something topical or that is more likely to draw the reader in. This in turn will encourage engagement with the content of your email.

5 Link back to your website. If it’s not something you’re already doing, consider the use of a news or blog on your website and link to this from your email. Don’t feel like you must provide all the information within the email itself and consider using previews of any news items and a ‘read more’ link that directs the recipient to the full article on your blog. This increases the likelihood of driving any enquiries from your existing contact forms on your website

6 Analyse and track. By measuring how many customers open your newsletter this can help you to understand what subject lines work best, or what area creates the most interest. Tracking click through rates on specific links will also help to decipher what your clientele is interested in. All this helps to make your next campaign more targeted.

7 Give them what they want. Make sure that your email lists are segmented correctly, this may be as simple as customer and prospective customers. Or you may choose to go into more detail, for example a list of those interested in; transaction volumes, industry predictions, regulatory updates and compliance.

8 Commit. If you are going to produce a regular newsletter, make sure it is regular and not just a one off. Your subscribers may forget about you if no email is sent to them for several months. The 12-month package with Editor Assist, provides you with quarterly newsletters as well as the monthly content to create a consistent stream of information

9 Test. Before anything is sent out, make sure you test it. Your email will be opened on differing internet browsers, mobiles and even tablets and it’s vital your email is legible on all of these devices.

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