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Are webinars still alive?

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
  • 21st March 2018
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Are webinars still alive?

The way consumers and prospects discover content has changed. As new innovative content formats have been developed to generate leads, it is natural and sensible to question if old methods still work. I believe webinars are very much still alive, and they can definitely still be effective.

However, just because webinars can still work, this doesn’t mean that marketers should stop trying new formats and keep replaying the same marketing method repeatedly; this can in fact bore your customers. Ensure your marketing approach has a range of formats to keep clients engaged.

So, why are webinars an effective way to generate quality leads?

They are highly engaging and informative

The process of combining visuals, with a person informing you what they are selling, can create high levels of engagement. You can present the full concept, or background of what your product or service does and emphasise the benefits to the potential client, in a ‘human’ way.

They fulfil the customer journey

Webinars help to move prospects down your marketing funnel, from awareness to consideration, then eventually to purchase.

They generate trust

Webinars can be used to give your brand a voice or face. Having a ‘real person’ either present or voice your webinar, helps to build trust with the viewer. With trust comes more faith in your legal services. This in turn means greater potential for a prospect to become a new customer. Likewise, webinars can help you encourage existing clients to spend more with your business, or to continue using your services.

How can you make your webinars more effective today?

Discuss webinar topic & content ideas with your sales team

This will give you a clear view of the legal products/services that will sell well via this format (and any that won’t). Overall, if you start creating content that doesn’t match your sales departments conversations this will cause confusion for external viewers.

Have a promotion strategy

As marketers it’s your job to ensure the webinar creates excitement and engages your audience. It’s also your job to ensure that your webinar gets as many views as possible.

Do not stick to a script

You can have a script in front of you but make sure you speak freely and as though you are having a conversation with your viewers – this will increase engagement. To allow for further interaction, you could create a Q&A on your social media platforms. You could even get people to call you ‘live on air’ to answer people’s questions. This will not only show you are dedicated, it will also gain you more social visibility.

After the webinar

Make sure you send all the viewers who watched a follow-up up email, or even a call. This could be the last final persuasion required to close a lead, so don’t overlook it and don’t wait for them to approach you.

Webinars are an effective marketing tool. For more info on webinars contact us on 0800 133 7127 or email

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