Are you on Bing Places for Business?

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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Are you on Bing Places for Business?

Having an online presence is a necessity for most legal businesses.

Having an SEO optimised website should, of course, be your main priority, but anything you can legitimately do to increase the amount of times your business shows up in search results should also be considered.

Bing ‘places for business’ listings help customers (and potential customers) find your business in Bing search results. It allows you to choose how you want your business to appear, with content, video, pictures and services offered all being options you can add and edit. You can personalise your business listing and use it to further increase your search engine visibility.

As touched upon, Bing for places links to the Bing search engine – as it is owned by Microsoft. It is widely accepted that generally, Bing users tend to be slightly older and less ‘tech-savvy’ than Google users. This is primarily due to Bing being the default search engine that ships with devices that have Microsoft’s Edge browser preinstalled. Often less technically-minded people never switch to a different browser (or search engine) when they buy a new PC or laptop.

Millions of people use Bing every day, and although the audience size is much smaller than Google, you may find this audience is more receptive to your products or services. Sign up to Bing places for business to get as much search engine coverage as possible for your firm.

You can claim your Bing places for business listing for free by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign up via
  2. Claim your business listing – if you have multiple offices around the country or internationally, you can add these all on your listing.
  3. Complete your listing profile – here you can add your business information such as, opening hours, contact information, photos, videos and your services.
  4. Verify your listing – protect your business listing by providing a pin via phone or email.
  5. You are now listed on Bing for places!

What are the advantages to having Bing for places?

  • You don’t need a website to set up a listing – although why you wouldn’t have one is another matter!
  • Getting yourself listed is free and can help increase your search traffic.
  • Bing gives you free access to analytics, to tell you how your business listing is performing compared to your competitors. It also gives you free advice on how to improve.
  • Finally, any type of business can claim a free Bing listing. Get started today by clicking here.