Attending An Industry Conference

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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Attending An Industry Conference

Attending a conference is a perfect chance to network and meet like-minded professionals in your industry. You should be prepared, organised and plan your day, so you know what to expect and how to get the most out of it.

Here are our top tips when attending a conference:

  1. You should always seek to increase awareness of your brand when attending a networking event. You should also learn as much about other attendees as possible. This gives you the chance to build relationships and become noticed within your industry.
  2. To reduce stress, decide as a team who will be going to a conference to learn, raise brand awareness or network with prospects. Try to focus on the tasks you have personally been set.
  3. Have a social media strategy in place. Always take advantage of the event to post more on social media. This informs people that you are attending and shows that you are you are a thriving, outward thinking business. It also presents a great opportunity for you to get images and videos that you can use after the event to further amplify your brand socially (for longer).
  4. Always encourage employees to share your social posts, as this helps raise awareness quickly and reaches more potential prospects. You should maximise the promotional opportunities from the different followings/connections employees will have (particularly on LinkedIn if it is a B2B event, or Facebook if the event is B2C).
  5. Always ensure you are stocked with marketing collateral. This makes you appear professional to prospects. Business cards are inexpensive and simple way to help people remember your company. Additionally, always have a range of collateral as this give you more products or services to talk about when in conversation with clients. You can also present your services in a format that appeals to various demographics within your target audience, by simply having differently styled marketing materials.
  6. If you have a stand, make sure it looks fun and engaging, but professional. The better you visually represent yourself the more chance prospects will come and speak to you. When deciding on your stand, ensure to think outside the box – nobody likes to see the same setting repeatedly.
  7. Make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. When meeting new prospects, it is always important to look and feel your best. This shows the client you are both professional and confident talking about your products or services.

You know your company is worth talking about. Make sure other people do. Follow these top tips, plan ahead and make the most of the conference opportunity.