Being online is the place to be

  • Jennifer van Deursen
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Being online is the place to be

30 years ago, the go to place to look for services would be the yellow pages or local phone book. How times have changed.

After the introduction of the internet, and then the explosion of smart phones, people are able to search on the internet for anything at any time, paving the way for that saying “I’ll Google it”.

Add onto that the introduction of virtual assistants (like Amazon’s Alexa), which enables people to order items and services they want purely by speaking commands, goes to show that if you want to get anywhere in business in the 21st Century, being online is a must.

One of the first jobs on your business to-do list would have been to create a website, perhaps dabble on social media, but the overall aim was to create your online presence.

This may have been produced quickly, or since going ‘live’ you haven’t changed any of the information on your website, so it’s remained stagnant. When was the last time your website was updated?

Although you have an online presence, the lack of updates may have pushed you down the Google rankings, making it even harder for you to attract new enquiries and boost business.

We know that there is a need for people to make Will’s, so there are opportunities out there. It’s just encouraging people to come to you, when they decide to put pen to paper.

Like we mentioned earlier, smart phones have transformed the way we search for services and products. So having a website that is mobile friendly will really help you to engage with potential clients when they’re out and about.

Did you know that having a mobile friendly website also helps with your Google ranking?

Having a site that is mobile responsive, so that it’s optimised and shows a mobile friendly version of the site, allowing prospective clients to browse on any device and access the content they need quickly and effectively. It’s worth paying that little bit more to add this feature onto your site than run the risk of alienating potential customers and lose them to your competitors.

You may think that having a fresh-looking website, regular updated content and mobile friendly site would be crazily expensive. But fear not. A website template is quick and easy to bring together and doesn’t cost the earth. In the grand scheme of things is it going to cost you more money, not having an online presence that works?

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What can Solve Legal Marketing offer you?

In a nutshell, our experts can offer:

  • A website review and recommendations to improve
  • A choice of website templates so you can pick one that suits your company
  • A quick turnaround. We aim to get websites ‘live’ in 14 days
  • A variety of packages to suit your needs. You can always build up your package after the initial investment to meet the demands on your business