Benefits Of Having A Blog For Your Law Firm

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Benefits Of Having A Blog For Your Law Firm

Many law firms don’t have the time to invest in crafting well-written, influential blog posts, which is completely understandable. However, a blog for your law firm can come with a whole host of advantages – from creating a unique tone of voice to boosting your search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here are just a few of the numerous advantages a blog can have for your law firm.

Complements SEO

One of the most little-known facts about having a blog is it can contribute as much as 434% more indexed pages, offering a bigger advantage for your SEO efforts. This means search engines can more easily recognise your website. They’ll have a lot more information to go on, so your presence in the search result rankings could increase significantly. If you add guest blog exchanges and outreach blogs into the mix then you’ll also generate more inbound links. Links to your website will appear on other websites. This demonstrates to the search engines that your business is a brand to be trusted and a brand that looks after its clients.

Develop as a thought leader

Blogs are taken more seriously now than ever before. They are one of the prime ways to develop yourself as a thought leader. Sharing your original ideas and outlooks has the potential to help you and your business develop as a thought leader. LinkedIn is the platform for influencers. It can be part of a very effective content marketing strategy. Sharing your blogs on LinkedIn or including an extract of your blog in a LinkedIn Pulse article can help generate discussion. This can bolster your law firm’s reputation, as one that really cares about the industry and the clients.

Helps visitors make an informed decision

A blog can help cover all bases when it comes to the client’s buying journey. Not only can you entice new clients with tailored blog posts, you can provide relevant and readable content for those already considering hiring your services and even your repeat customers. By providing all the necessary information, your potential client can make an informed decision no matter what stage they’re at.

Contributes towards shareable content

Creating regular blog posts for your law firm can give you fodder for social media posts. In fact, just one blog post can provide you with enough social media content for around five posts if done correctly. For example, you can break down one blog post into bitesize chunks of information and use each one as part of a branded graphic. Over 94% of people share blogs on social media because they think it will be helpful to someone they know. So, not only will you reach one potential client, they will also recommend your services to others if you’re creating fantastic content.

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