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Do you follow digital marketing trends?

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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Do you follow digital marketing trends?

The legal marketing world moves very quickly, new trends and strategical techniques in our industry pop up and transform the way we connect with our audiences on a regular basis. Keeping up takes a certain amount of effort.

In this blog we have put together a guide on a handful of marketing trends that you should consider using for your legal business (and when creating a marketing plan).

State Of Flux

Firstly, changes in marketing trends don’t just happen at random. Changes come about because the most effective ways to communicate with clients (and potential clients) are constantly in a state of flux. Consumers are continually adapting the way they research companies, look for the best deals online and spend their money. The most popular online social platforms regularly also change.

Video Marketing

Video is shown to have a higher engagement rate than other forms of media. It isn’t just great for brand awareness, video can be put to use in lead generation campaigns as well. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn provide great opportunities to create paid video marketing campaigns.

YouTube is the second most used/popular social network behind Facebook. Many businesses still fail to see YouTube as the viable marketing platform it has become. Capitalise on this by building up and promoting your own channel and leave your competitors trailing behind when potential customers come to research your company (or seek to find a provider of a service you offer).

Social Media

Your company should regularly be posting on social media, as this is a chance to build up your brand awareness and connect with your audience. You should be making use of a mix of permanent and ephemeral content across various social platforms that are relevant for your business. For example, Instagram includes stories that disappear after 24 hours – on these stories you can record videos, gifs, boomerangs, coloured text and much more, making the user experience (UX) more entertaining. There is also a feed where content can stay permanently.

Native Advertising

This is where you advertise your content on a third-party website, so it blends in naturally, advertising your brand and increasing your referral traffic. This works particularly well for text and video content.

Live Chat On Your Website

Live chat isn’t anything new – but this is a great marketing technique to capture more inbound leads. Some people are more inclined to start a chat conversation on your website than send you an email. This is particularly the case as the public become less and less patient and expect instant replies to their queries. We live in a time of same-day-delivery and instant-online-streaming. Many people don’t want to wait around for anything – be that to order and consume a product, or to get a reply to a query.

Many people also find live chat a convenient and informal way to interact with your law firm and make initial contact. Just look at our site for example, often clients first contact us on live chat with a small enquiry that they may deem not to be ‘worthy’ of a sending a full email.

If you are a small legal business and are concerned that you won’t be able to respond quick enough don’t worry. Any live chat system worth its salt will have the option to temporarily turn it off or take a message if you are offline. This message can be easily followed up with a call or email.

Keep On Top Of Marketing Trends

Keeping on top of marketing trends is well worth the effort. Finding a new technique or platform to exploit could mean more new leads and customers for your law firm, at a lower cost or for less effort.

Staying up to date with marketing trends can make your company look modern, fresh and forward-thinking, but more importantly provide a better ROI from your marketing budget.

If you have any questions about new marketing trends and implementing them into your marketing strategy, please contact us at or 0800 133 7127.