Don’t Waste Your Firm’s Time On Social Media 

  • Christine Champion
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Don’t Waste Your Firm’s Time On Social Media 

Social Media – love it or hate it, it’s now well and truly entrenched in our nation’s psyche. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, with a new platform popping up almost every other week.

Whilst it can be tempting, there’s no need for you and your firm to cover all bases by attempting to be constantly active on the plethora of different platforms. Nor do you need to spend a fortune on engaging with potential clients. 

In this article, we look at how to identify which platforms you should focus your time, energy and budget on as well as how to ‘work smart’, to ensure you’re not spreading yourself out too thinly across multiple platforms. 

When it comes to trying to publish unique and engaging content across every social platform, too many firms ‘burn-out’. An even more common problem for firms is that they don’t know where to get started, so either don’t engage with any platforms at all, or simply set up basic bare-bones accounts and nothing more. See our article about common social media mistakes for law firms to see if your business falls into any of these categories. 

Who are you trying to appeal to and what do you want to achieve?

If you are primarily a b2b business, you’ll probably want to focus on LinkedIn, Twitter and potentially Facebook. Some would treat Facebook as being a b2c platform, but in reality, who can ever truly switch off from work and not be influenced in some way by what they see on Facebook? 

If your company sells a service or product mainly to consumers, developing a strong Facebook presence is likely to be your best bet. Facebook is a great tool not only for lead generation, but also as a platform to build brand awareness and manage relations with consumers. 

Leads & referrers
If you are looking to build relationships with business referrers, if you’re a conveyancing firm for example,  then you’ll want to build a strong presence on LinkedIn along with any other platforms you decide to focus on. 

Customer service
Many businesses use social platforms as a customer service channel, the most common ones being Twitter and Facebook. Appearing responsive and professional on these platforms can be a huge plus point for your company, regardless of whether you receive a positive testimonial or negative review.  Consumers rely heavily on the experiences of others when choosing a service, so focussing on building a good relationship with clients is important, both on and offline.  

Don’t spread your firm too thinly
You may wish to reserve your profile across a number of different social platforms, even if it is just a to protect your brand. If you don’t plan to be active on a platform, it may be worth reserving a URL or name and not posting any kind of public profile. This is because posting little or no content at all  may reflect badly on your business. 

Think wisely about the platforms you are going to focus on. What kind of client are you looking to target? Are you planning to use your social profile for active lead generation, brand awareness, customer service, or all of the above?  

Need some help?
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