eNewsletters – are they useful?

  • Jennifer van Deursen
Solve Legal
eNewsletters – are they useful?

Everything is online nowadays, and as people spend more and more time glued to their digital devices, capturing their attention on this channel is more beneficial than sending a leaflet through the post.

eNewsletters could help you bridge that communication gap, ensuring you stay at the forefront of client’s minds. This works extremely well if they ever need to refer your services to a friend or family member.

eNewsletters are quick wins, and can be used to great effect, because they’re simple. When used properly they can increase sales, generate new customers and help with customer retention. All of these are big ticks when it comes to a sector as specialist as Wills and probate.

You need to ensure you’ve got some content to entice your readers. We know there is a reduction in the amount of people making Wills, so it may be worthwhile including content like this to encourage people to take the time and legally jot down their future wishes. For more information on content, take a look at our blog Insight: Content Is King.

But who do I send the eNewsletters to?

Email is a great communication tool to keep in touch with contacts and prospects. Email marketing (eNewsletters) allows you to build and grow a database of quality contacts, which in turn can become a business asset. Creating a database of contacts who respond and engage with your emails is a quick and easy way to present new services to your existing clients.

There are numerous benefits, eNewsletters could bring to your firm. These include:

  • Fast and cost-effective
    eNewsletters are relatively low cost and fast to execute compared to other forms of traditional media, such as leaflets and adverts. No print costs, no postage fees and most importantly, no delay!
  • Increase brand awareness
    Staying in touch with existing clients keeps you at the forefront of their mind, so when a customer needs your products or services, you stand a better chance of being their first port of call.
  • Easily measurable
    All good email platforms include reporting features such as open rates and click through rates, making it easy to measure the success of a campaign.

Still unsure about eNewsletters? Take a look at our webinar explaining how useful they are for the Wills and Probate sector.