Facebook Ads For The Legal Sector

  • Christine Champion
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Facebook Ads For The Legal Sector

Facebook ads are one of the simplest and most effective ways for you to start advertising your firm.

However, if you aren’t careful, they can also be one of the easiest ways to ‘burn through’ your advertising budget, quickly taking up both resources and expense.

Here, we’ll explore some of the many advertising options that Facebook has to offer as well as how they can be applied to your law firm.

As it’s key to grasp how these tips will work in practice, we’ll also present a few scenarios for various types of legal service providers, giving you tips on how you could maximise your return on investment. In this article, we’ll focus on Facebook ads for Solicitors, Conveyancers, and Will Writers.

Introduction to Facebook advertising for law firms

Facebook has over 2 billion (yes really!) global users. Whilst your firm probably won’t be interested in targeting the entirety of this huge audience, it’s useful to gain an understanding of the sheer scale of Facebook’s user base.

As well as their main website, Facebook also control several different platforms including the Facebook Mobile App, Facebook Messenger, Workplace, WhatsApp and Instagram. They also have control of their Audience Network which when utilised effectively can provide huge exposure for a business.

Targeting & Data

Facebook have bought in a huge amount of data from external sources which they then combine with user submitted (and gathered) data. It’s this which is used to provide some scarily detailed targeting options for advertisers. For example, if you are looking specifically for someone who is likely to be a 3rd time house-buyer, you will be able to target them.

Facebook also enables you to target existing customers or people who have previously visited your website. This can be done by simply uploading lists of clients to re-target, or by allowing Facebook to create a new ‘lookalike’ audience based on your existing clients and website visitors.

Your firm needs to be careful with your budget

Unless you are remarketing and targeting an existing audience, Facebook ads rely on the fact that a specific audience MAY, at that specific time, be interested in your product or service.

This contrasts with other advertising platforms such as Google AdWords and their search advertising; with AdWords search ads, the individual has specifically searched for your service. Therefore, from the outset, they are likely to have a greater level of ‘buyer intent’ than Facebook users who choose to click on your advert.

Many people subscribe to the belief that people are in ‘play-mode’ when they use Facebook. Whilst this may be true to some extent, careful targeting can produce impressive results. You simply need to be aware that with Facebook ads, unless your service appeals to everyone equally, your user targeting needs to be much more precise than what it would be if you were using search ads.

The other downside of Facebook advertising is that ‘everybody’ wants to try it! This means that costs-per-click can be disproportionately high on the platform, as there are few barriers to entry for small firms. Facebook offer a simple ‘boost post’ option to try to snare businesses to dabble with the platform. This can prove to be very expensive, so we recommend that you spend some time learning about the various advertising options. Alternatively, you could enable a company like Solve Legal Marketing to manage your Facebook advertising and avoid all the newcomer pitfalls.

Facebook Advert Formats

There are a huge variety of different advert formats available to you on Facebook and its associated platforms. Facebook describe the formats in the following way:

  • Photos are used for Facebook or Instagram & ‘story’ adverts. They can increase brand or product awareness.
  • Videos Can be used on Facebook, Instagram & the Audience network. They can be in feed, 15 sec (maximum) for mobile and can also be used to introduce an audience to a product & brand. Non-skippable, mid-roll video ads are also available – the duration of these can be longer.
  • Carousels show multiple images or videos in a single advert.
  • Slideshows are lightweight video ads that work for all internet connection speeds.
  • Collections are a single advert that can showcase all of your products.
  • Canvas adverts are a full screen, ‘fast-loading experience’, designed for mobile. They can be added to any of the previous ad formats.
  • Lead Adverts enable you to collect leads easily on mobile devices.

There are also other advert formats tailored towards specific objectives:

  • Dynamic Adverts promote all the products in your catalogue to the right people automatically.
  • Link Adverts point people to your website in order for them to learn more.

With so many options, where should your budget focus be?

As you’ve seen, there is a lot of formats for you to try and get your head around. Thankfully, you don’t need to understand all the different formats. Instead, we’ll focus on two of the formats which are likely to produce the best results for solicitors, Conveyancers and will writers. These are Lead adverts and Link Adverts.

Lead Adverts

This type of advert enables you to cleverly collect leads via Facebook. After creating an advert with an image and inserting text for your service, a user who clicks it will be directed to a signup form, while remaining on the Facebook site. The good thing about it being on Facebook is that the form can be pre-populated using the person’s Facebook data, such as email address and phone number. This can also be connected to your CRM system if you use one. You can find out more about implementing a CRM for your business here.

Where lead adverts are concerned, it is important to be aware that you must include a link to your privacy policy. It’s also vital that you don’t share or sell the customer information that you have gathered through the form.

Why do lead adverts suit legal firms?

When used effectively, lead adverts can be an extremely powerful advertising feature. They enable you to gather new leads for your firm without the person even needing to leave Facebook or enter information manually. You can also benefit from the trust which people place in the Facebook platform. Whilst having to visit an external site may cause them to go elsewhere, the ability to fill in a form within Facebook naturally increases the likelihood of them becoming a future client.

Facebook Lead adverts example for Solicitors

Coupled with a carefully targeted audience, a lead advert could be useful for potential clients wishing to make an appointment for their initial consultation. You could target people in your area who have changed their location in the last six months, with a family law campaign advertising your divorce services. Alternatively, you could target users who have set their relationship status to ‘separated’ within 10 miles of your location with a divorce services advert.

Facebook Lead advert example for Conveyancers

Facebook cleverly enables you to target people who are likely to be first, second or third-time buyers, as well as those who have ‘like’d specific property pages. Once you’ve undergone further testing and targeting to discover the most relevant audience for your practice, you can create a lead generation campaign to gather the email addresses of those who’d like a conveyancing quote in your area.

Facebook Lead advert example for Will Writers

If you don’t want to rely on referrals or offline advertising for will writing leads, Facebook Lead adverts could be the solution. For example, you could create a will writing campaign targeting people who have recently become a parent based within 10 miles of your location.

Facebook Link Adverts for Lawyers

What if the service you provide can’t be described in a concise way? In this instance a Link Advert campaign may be the right option for your firm.

This enables you to create a targeted campaign which will simultaneously drive traffic to your own website’s landing page. As well as allowing you to explain the services you offer in more detail, you can also place a contact form to collect the consumer’s information.

When a paid Facebook visitor accesses your website – if you have Facebook’s retargeting pixel installed – you could also target visitors who didn’t contact you on their last visit. Now they have had more time to learn about and consider your services, it may be a better time to target them with a Lead advert campaign.

The possibilities are endless with Facebook Ads

You are limited only by your imagination and budget with Facebook ads. We haven’t even scraped the surface of Facebook advertising in this article, especially as Facebook’s ‘Pixel’ remarketing brings a whole new dimension to the platform.

If you would like help setting up a Facebook advertising campaign for your law firm, please get in touch with us. As well as being able to help you avoid many of the pitfalls which first-time advertisers face, we also offer ongoing Facebook campaign management services for the legal sector.

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