Why Law Firms Need Their WordPress Websites To Be Secure

  • Christine Champion
  • Christine Champion
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Why Law Firms Need Their WordPress Websites To Be Secure

Whether you work in a small firm that deals with very few clients or a large firm that handles thousands, every firm needs a website – but they need it to stay secure especially if you are housing important information.

Most people, including many ‘professionals’, think that it’s never going to happen to them; but they are unaware that for some hackers it can be as simple as knowing their WordPress login address. In addition to that, you may think “I only have a small website, no one will want to hack that”. Well that’s where you’re wrong.

You may be thinking this is hard to believe but when a site is created it’s published online and therefore can be viewed by anyone with internet access, and some sites make it super easy for hackers to start their own little project with your website.

WordPress is the main platform for websites and has been for a long time now. So, you’d think that they will be totally secure… This isn’t always the case. WordPress websites require certain plugins and processes to stay secure. Here are a few examples of security issues within some sites:

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are a big part in WordPress development, and they can help most sites stay secure if you pick the correct plugins, but if these plugins get outdated and aren’t regularly updated then it will pose a threat to the site as this will reduce the security of the site. Also, WordPress gives you a massive range of plugins that are available for free and a lot of these plugins can help your site stay secure; but some plugins are dangerous and can be used by hackers to get access to your site. It’s important to only use tested and highly recommended plugins.

WordPress Logins

When your WordPress website has been published on the internet and can be found by search engines it means that you can log in to the dashboard and change/edit your content. Well, just think that if someone see’s your domain name and types ‘/wp-login.php’ then they have access to your login page. Also, if you have used a username to post a blog, then this means that they now have your login address and your username – then they just need to get your password, which they are particularly good at. Be sure to use strong passwords and making a different WordPress login page will help. Also look into two factor authentication.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is constantly getting updated. So when your website is published, it needs to be maintained from then on. Maintaining a WordPress site consists of updating all the plugins when they require an update and also updating WordPress and the theme used. If these aren’t updated then this can leave you more open to hackers.

In Conclusion

WordPress security issues do and will continue to exist, but by ensuring the right plugins are used as well as keeping the theme, plugins and WordPress version updated and by sticking to best practice it will minimize the potential for your site to be hacked.