Have you got a set tone for your company’s content?

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
Solve Legal
Have you got a set tone for your company’s content?

Everybody knows a business has a specific target audience and engaging them can be difficult. When it comes to the tone and style of your content, if done correctly, this is one way you can successfully attract your consumers.  

So, why do you need a tone, voice and style?

If you have more than one person writing content for you such as, blogs, articles, emails and social media posts etc. you will need to have a style guide as your company persona may seem confusing or different to your potential clients. Talking in the same tone, voice and style promotes your company through uniformity and allows your customers to get recognise the company voice. You may think this isn’t important, but in fact it certainly is, as it gives your company a unique personality.  

What are the benefits of a style guide?

  • It reassures your employees as a style guide can be supportive and act like a comfort blanket. 
  • It Makes working with outsourcing freelancers easier as they can talk in your company’s tone and essentially produce content quicker. 
  • Ensures that you produce creative, relevant content that your customers will love. 
  • Guides also ensure you create content with fewer drafts, a key financial benefit! 
  • A style guide, believe it or not, tells your customers who you are.  
  • It makes your company unique. 
  • It makes you look professional.  

Should you use the same tone on every platform you use?

Figuring out what tone to use on what platform can be difficult. However, here at Solve we tend to use the same tone on every platform to keep our company uniform and our ethos clear. Usually, if we do tend to change tone, it’ll be on Twitter using hashtags such as #MondayMotivation and #FridayFeeling to engage with our clients and to show them our character. Getting involved with hashtags also enhances our impressions/engagements for our tweets, giving more visibility to our company.  

More visibility = More chance of potential leads

Don’t forget, getting involved with the latest trends shows our business is up to date with marketing and the ‘modern world;’ which is what we want our potential customers to see.  

If you need additional help producing content for your site, we provide a monthly content pack for Conveyancing and Wills & Probate with each article written in a consistent style and tone. Click here to see what we offer or contact us on info@solvelegal.co.uk for more information.