How Your Law Firm Can Avoid Negative Reviews 

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How Your Law Firm Can Avoid Negative Reviews 

‘There is no such thing as bad publicity,’ so goes the well-known saying. There is, however, such a thing as too many negative reviews. After all, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they would a word of mouth recommendation from a close friend.

So how can your law firm avoid negative reviews? Here are several of our favourite tried and tested tips.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media
Take control of your firm’s online presence via your social media channels. Not only will this give your customers a fair platform, it also enables you to take more control over how you deal with negative reviews. It’s very important you interact with your audience if they ask any questions. Being active on social media means you can immediately respond to reviews, on Facebook for example. Even if you’re responding to a negative review, this shows your firm in a positive light as it demonstrates that you take customer service seriously.

Be available
If you resolve complaints and issues quickly, then 95% of those dissatisfied customers will use your product or service again. Making sure your customer service team is more available when it comes to contact is one of the biggest steps to avoiding bad reviews. Fortunately, there are so many ways to keep in touch with your customers including Facebook messaging and live chat. If you’re able to diffuse a situation instantly then you could transform a potentially negative review into an above average, or even glowing, review.

Ask for feedback
Around 70% of customers will leave feedback or a review for your legal services if asked. This is invaluable information for your law firm – whether it’s a good review or a bad review. Actively asking for your customers’ views shows that you genuinely care about your audience and are prepared to make improvements where possible.

Make it your duty to incorporate feedback requests in your email marketing campaigns, at the end of live chats, after a phone call and even on social media. Of course, it may attract a couple of negative reviews, but if you’ve taken the initiative to ask in the first place, people are far more likely to leave a glowing review praising your service.

Act on feedback
Making adjustments and improvements to your product or service is all part of growing a successful legal business. Analyse your customer’s reviews and act accordingly. If, for example, they’re not keen on the customer service, then schedule in more training time for your team. Assertiveness can go a long way in terms of avoiding negative reviews in the future.

Admit mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes – it’s how we deal with them afterwards that matter the most. Inevitably, all businesses receive complaints now and again. It’s vital that you apologise at the right moments and offer to rectify the situation. You may be deterred from apologising in public on social media, but this can work in your favour. This shows the public you care about your customers and treat them fairly. Avoid phrases such as “I’m sorry if…” or “I’m sorry you think…” This demonstrates to the customer that you don’t believe them. Instead be direct and own the apology.

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