How To Get More Brainstorm Ideas From Your Team

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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How To Get More Brainstorm Ideas From Your Team

In order to achieve usable brainstorming ideas for your company, it all depends on the meeting you are going to hold and the people attending it.

Before this meeting, ensure you have the right amount of people as too many can cause mediocre ideas restricting talking about a complex idea in depth.

So what tips can we give you when having a productive meeting?

  1. Only have 2-5 people in the meeting room

This is the perfect number for all attendees to contribute and raise their own opinion. This makes the meeting manageable and allows you to actually construct a plan of ideas.

  1. Have a mixture of people

Don’t invite your team who you sit and work with every day, the ideas you come up with will start to look similar. Instead, invite colleagues from other teams who have different experiences and skills to see what they suggest. This could start a new fresh stem to an idea that grows better for your company.

  1. Keep the meeting short and on topic

Nobody likes sitting in meetings that go on and on. Keep your meeting to a maximum of 30 minutes as this keeps everybody on task. This will encourage attendees to say their ideas as there is a deadline of 30 minutes.

  1. Provide goals and preparation before the meeting

Provide your attendees with the agenda of the meeting at least a week before so they have a time scale to brainstorm ideas. This ensures that in the meeting it is productive and there are no awkward silences.

  1. Scrap bad ideas

If someone suggests a bad idea, don’t be afraid to say no. This will save time for your company and time in the meeting for you to discuss more worthy points.

  1. Be prepared to have no practical ideas

Coming up with practical ideas for your company may take a couple of meetings. Don’t feel defeated if you don’t have any after this meeting. The next meeting may prove to be better and easier to implement ideas.