Is Your Law Firm Engaging With Social Media?

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Is Your Law Firm Engaging With Social Media?

Social media use is one of the most effective ways to get your firm noticed.

Logged into by millions of people daily, and incredibly simple to use, it’s the best way of enabling your business to be seen by a wide audience.

However, as something we all use every day, it’s easy for the benefits to be overlooked.  Although you may know how to use social media, you may not be using it to its full potential.

LinkedIn is a perfect example of this. Widely used to showcase business expertise and connect with colleagues, LinkedIn is also one of the best platforms to demonstrate the expertise of your firm.

How do you get started on social media?

If your firm isn’t already registered, you can easily set up an account in minutes. This will then enable you to instantly connect with individuals and businesses which are relevant to your sector.

One of LinkedIn’s most underused and underrated features is the ‘Write Article’ tool. Enabling you to easily upload content, this feature can demonstrate the expertise of your firm whilst effectively boosting its brand.

Regularly posting relevant content can push you to the forefront of your sector, giving you the edge over competitors and enabling you to become the go-to firm. If articles and news pieces are both interesting and topical, contacts are far more likely to revisit your page and drive business your way. Similarly, thought-provoking content is far more likely to get reposted and shared, boosting the position of your brand even more.

Articles shared to LinkedIn can also be fed to other social networks, expanding your reach and the number of potential clients who will be able to view your posts.


Facebook can be used by law firms to share useful whitepapers and blog posts and to engage with your target market on a personal level and keep you at the forefront of their minds.

You probably will have heard the term “hashtag” before – and Twitter is where this term originated. Sending “tweets” and using relevant hashtags can spark debate and get you connecting with like minded professionals as well as your target market.

Facebook for Business

How do you know what to post?

As something which can be complicated to understand, writing consumer-friendly legal content certainly isn’t easy. Even if it was, heavy caseloads and demanding clients mean you probably wouldn’t have time anyway.

Legal marketing experts, Solve Legal are dedicated to creating targeted and topical content specifically for law firms. Find out how tailored content could build the reputation of your firm.

Don’t have the time to implement social media in your law firm? Our specialist team can help with social media management. Prices start from £250 per month and bespoke plans are available.

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