Know, Like, Trust… Levelling the legal services playing field

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Know, Like, Trust… Levelling the legal services playing field

Levelling the legal services playing field

We have never before seen a time when so many consumers are looking for professional legal services.

A YouGov consumer survey cited “quality of legal advice” to be the most important factor (87% of consumers) when choosing a legal services provider.

Aside from cost, “ease of obtaining legal services” was important to 86% of those surveyed; 85% asked for “experience and qualifications,” and 70% wanted “local offices” and/or “face to face” contact.

Interestingly a well-known brand only came in at 40%… showing that independent lawyers can compete with the “big boys.”

So, it is possible to stand out from the crowd as a provider of legal services.

There is a long-standing sales principle which identifies 3 key facets to successful sales… people like to feel that they know, like, and trust something before they commit their hard earned cash.

In a similar vein, Google’s EAT principles guide their own search algorithms. The acronym stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness and each page Google indexes is ranked against these measures of credibility.

In the absence of face to face communication how do we establish this rapport and credibility in an online environment?

Here are 6 quick tips we think might benefit you:

  • Demonstrate knowledge by providing informative articles and case studies on your website and to local newspapers and press. Be the “subject matter expert” and demonstrate your expertise through carefully written, “tell, not sell” articles and blogs.
  • People buy locally. You can raise awareness in your local area publishing articles and on social media about the methods you have put in place to provide your services without face to face contact.
  • Ask for client testimonials to prove your experience, ask for happy clients to post on your social media pages and on Google reviews
  • Update existing customers with a newsletter, or even brief e-shots with informative information which your customers won’t have read elsewhere. Encourage recipients to share with their friends and family.
  • Ensure you have a mobile friendly website. Like you, your customers will check out companies online before committing. Make your company look as professional online as you do when seeing them face to face.
  • Ensure that your website has a Google My Business listing.

How Can Solve Legal Marketing Help?

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