Lawyers – Are You Marketing Yourself Effectively?

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Lawyers – Are You Marketing Yourself Effectively?

Although nobody said that becoming a lawyer was easy, it can be even harder to get your expertise recognised once you’re qualified.

Whilst you may have a strong base of clients, it’s likely that they didn’t turn up overnight; it can take years before your name becomes recognised in the industry.

But what if there was a way to establish your expertise quickly, without needing to break the bank?

Two words: market yourself.

Although you might feel uncomfortable about those two words being next to each other, the benefits of marketing yourself are proven. Besides, it’s not like you haven’t done it before…

Before you apply to law school or even to university, you have to market yourself. Remember that application? Listing your skills, describing your strengths and explaining your achievements all contributed to winning that place – why should the next step in your career be any different?

In order to market yourself effectively, you need to establish who your target audience is and what they are looking for.
Browse social media to find potential career paths and employers. By regularly checking what they’re sharing and commenting on, you’ll gain a better understanding of what you need to deliver.

One of the fastest ways of getting your name known in the industry is to demonstrate expertise.
Regularly posting topical blogs and news updates show that you’re aware of the industry and can help to build a strong network of followers. Frequently posting relevant content encourages readers to visit your profile time and time again, allowing you to become the ‘go-to’ person in your specialism.

So with all these benefits, what’s stopping you?

Lack of time is, unsurprisingly, one of the most common reasons for legal professionals being reluctant to market themselves. With demanding clients and ever-growing caseloads, marketing will rarely be top of the agenda.

So put it at the top of someone else’s agenda. With a range of services on offer, Solve Legal can help you market yourself effectively, without you having to take time out of your busy schedule.

As experts in the legal market, we can provide targeted content to meet the demands of both consumers and professionals, helping you to establish your expertise in the most effective way.

  • Corporate Identity & Branding – Being recognised and maintaining consistency for your identity is key to growing positive brand awareness. [more]
  • Email Marketing – Regular correspondence with your clients and market show they are valued. [more]
  • Video Marketing – Impact your market with engaging, shareable content that is readily accessible. [more]
  • Blog Writing – Let us help you share your expertise with prospective legal clients by writing posts that feature the latest statistics, advice and guidance. [more]
  • Thought Leadership – Become the local expert in your field through the use of thought leadership content. [more]

Experts in marketing and in law, Solve Legal can provide your firm with tailored and informative content, specific to your target market. Talk to us on 0800 133 7127 or email: