Using LinkedIn To Generate Business For Your Law Firm

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Using LinkedIn To Generate Business For Your Law Firm

The use of social media platforms such as LinkedIn has rapidly become a successful way for firms to generate more business.

With the potential to get your business seen by over 433 million users who are registered with LinkedIn, and with 2 users joining per second, it is something that is worth seriously considering.

LinkedIn has such high internet traffic that it’s a great way of building your reputation and increasing your law firm’s exposure. Posting high quality content will not only mean that your firm will be seen by a wider audience, but will also allow you to show off what makes you different to other firms.

Creating a LinkedIn profile is straightforward. Using it to its full potential however will require a little bit more dedication.

That said, what can you do on LinkedIn that will generate more business for your firm?

  • You will be able to make connections with your contacts and with many businesses and groups who are linked to your area of work. You can use LinkedIn as a tool to help make your day-to-day business networks more visible and usable.
  • You will be able to create a profile that will allow you to showcase your services to all potential clients and business prospects.
  • Posting, liking and sharing topical content on LinkedIn will get you noticed, will mean that potential clients will know you are passionate about your business and will build your brand credibility.
  • You will be able to strengthen your connections with other people within your area of work or your colleagues by endorsing their skills or sharing their posts with others.


To generate more business by using LinkedIn, make sure that you follow these top tips:

  1. Post branded articles to get your firm recognised by a wider audience.
  2. Post articles with snappy titles to make your audience want to read more.
  3. Post earlier in the week – statistics show more activity after a weekend.
  4. List your skills on your profile – profiles like this get 13 times more views.
  5. Add a LinkedIn photo – figures show having a picture gains 14 more views.
  6. Tap into similar networks of your connections to see how valuable ‘who you know’ can be in your practice.
  7. A new LinkedIn connection can be a reason to initiate a phone call or a lunch invitation, but only if you are willing to bring LinkedIn into the real world to generate business!

With 40% of users checking LinkedIn daily, it is important that you dedicate time each day to use this platform to your advantage.

Case Study: Wills & Estate Planning

Raj Singh Rainu is the Owner of UK’s 1st ever Wills & Estate Planning company for the Sikh community.

His recent LinkedIn post generated:

  • 103k + views
  • 11 meetings
  • Business with 6
  • £5k of business within 3 weeks.*

*Raj Rainu – Sikh Wills

Using LinkedIn To Generate Business For Your Law Firm