How Do You Turn The Price Transparency Proposals Into An Opportunity For Your Firm?

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How Do You Turn The Price Transparency Proposals Into An Opportunity For Your Firm?

Complicated, confusing and convoluted – just a few words that consumers often use to describe the legal market.

In search of a solution to their legal problem, consumers want a quality service at the best value.

But with so many firms to choose from, how do you ensure that they choose you?

The proposals for price transparency are set to change the legal market as you know it. Put forward by regulators, they aim to benefit the consumer by providing choice and the ability to compare firms on the basis of cost.

When prices are exposed, standardisation of the market is only natural. In order to stand out, the focus of your firm needs to be on just that – standing out.

As firm costs become more similar, consumers will be looking for quality, and will choose the firm which communicates this in the best way. The SRA recently highlighted the price transparency changes as an opportunity for positive marketing, so why wouldn’t you choose to make the most of it?

As legal marketing specialists, Solve Legal are best placed to demonstrate the quality of your firm’s services through effective marketing.

Harnessing the introduction of the price transparency changes, the team at Solve Legal can justify your fees, creating bespoke marketing collateral which demonstrates this.

Through tailored website design and engaging social media activity, we can reflect the quality of your services and boost your brand identity.

Our extensive legal awareness also means that we’re up to date with the latest regulation, ensuring that your marketing strategy is compliant, further encouraging consumers to place trust in your services.

Solve Legal are also fully aware of the upcoming GDPR and the impact that this will have on data collection for firms. Whilst it will bring extensive changes, we believe that firms should see its introduction as a fresh opportunity to improve their existing marketing strategy or redevelop it completely.

When it comes to the legal market, change isn’t always a bad thing. Find out how your firm can make the most of it by contacting Solve Legal today by calling 0800 133 7127 or emailing us at

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