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Sharing expertise, useful guidance and relevant updates are why blog writing for law firms is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.

Blogs are a versatile form of content, as they can be used within both online and offline media and are an effective way of getting information across to readers in a concise or detailed format.

Having worked in a range of legal sectors, our content team at Solve Legal can help you come up with topic ideas and write blog posts that cater for your readers – whether they are prospective clients, business associates or the industry as a whole.

We will discuss with you your goals for the content, as you may wish to have a one-off blog to share a company update or a series of blogs surrounding your areas of expertise. We will then be able to write completely bespoke and unique content, having your input every step of the way.

Examples of blog writing we can carry out include content such as…

5 key reasons why you need a Lasting Power of Attorney

Concise advice that gives potential clients who are researching legal services the insight into your knowledge as legal professionals. If you show you are there to help and not sell, they will be more inclined to enquire. We can give you the words that take the blog from an interesting piece of information, to a lead generation tool.

How can I avoid getting caught out by fraud?

Focusing on general areas of the legal sector that can make a huge impact on consumers, allow you to be seen as knowledgeable and trusted amongst your competitors. At Solve Legal, our insight into all areas of law and surrounding issues allows us to take key issues and make them applicable to your target audience.

North London law firm expands family law department

Let people hear about your successes and have the Solve Legal content team write company updates that will celebrate the growth of your business, while improving your SEO.

The latest from our law firm updates

Blog series give readers a reason to re-engage with your law firm by visiting your website for updates or reading your newsletters frequently. We can keep these posts fresh and exciting, so the audience will always look forward to the latest edition.

Information on courses or upcoming events

If you are looking to network and expand your database, as well as boost the number of attendees at your events or training days, then blogs are the perfect way to let the audience know the important details. Our team can implement tracking links so you can see how successful your blog is at attracting delegates.

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