Editorial Content Writing

Do you ensure the editorial content writing for your law firm is always up to date? Are you aware of the key talking points within your sector that your clients need to be aware of?

At Solve Legal, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest news and industry updates that are important for both you and your clients to be aware of. We can help you effectively advise clients as well as promote your products and services through the use of editorial.

Being aware of your market shows potential and current clients that you have the knowledge required to provide them with clear, up to date information. If there is a recent case that could affect your clients in some way, whether that be through protection against the latest fraud techniques or understanding various new ways to leave their estate with minimal financial impact on their loved ones, it is in their best interest to have knowledge of this from a trusted source such as yourself.

Editorial content for law firms in particular is an effective way to share market information in a concise format. They should provide all the required details, whilst being quick and easy for the audience to read.

We are able to provide bespoke ideas and editorial writing for the needs of your business, as well as have an ongoing provision of the latest news from your sector. This type of content can also be used in a number of ways such as on your website, leaflets, mailers or e-newsletters.

Examples of editorial content we can provide include…

  • Case Law
  • Legislative updates
  • Reporting and data
  • Local news

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