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Marketing collateral can be very expensive. When you add up the cost of design, print, postage and time taken on a regular basis or for a large database, it can often be more than expected and may not get you the return on investment you need.

This is where email content for law firms is an ideal solution.

Emails are a great way to share information with your database of clients, associates or targets and can make a big impact if written correctly. They can be simple announcements or drive traffic to your website by linking to articles, contact forms and other online content.

Our team here at Solve Legal are not only legal content writing specialists, but also marketing experts who know what works best for both B2B and B2C email campaigns.

Campaigns via email can be used for multiple purposes, including…

Brand Awareness

Building up your database through networking is worthwhile, as long as it is used to benefit your business. To make third party businesses and individuals think of you when considering particular services, you need to bring attention to your brand and encourage the audience to interact.

Product Launch

Rather than simply adding to your service offering, generate some anticipation by drip feeding details of new products or services to current and prospective clients.


Regular and frequent updates allow the audience to get to know your business and drive traffic to your website. These can be delivered weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on the needs of your law firm.

Another important element of email marketing for law firms is to ensure you are using the right database to achieve your intended goals. We can cater the email content writing to the needs of any database – whether targeted or general.

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