Email Marketing

Legal services consumers are looking for solicitors who are personable and care about their needs.

Email marketing for law firms is an instant and personalised way to reach out to your market and gain their valuable attention.

Here at Solve Legal we specialise in developing email marketing strategies to help retain existing clients and target new prospects. Email marketing is an essential tool for growing any business and it’s comparatively quick and inexpensive to get started.

If you are just starting out with email marketing, we can advise on the best tools and software and help get you up and running.

There are numerous benefits that email marketing could being to your law firm:

Fast and cost-effective

Emails are relatively low cost and fast to execute compared to other forms of traditional media, such as leaflets and adverts. No print costs, no postage fees and most importantly, no delay!

Increase brand awareness

Staying in touch with existing clients keeps you at the forefront of their mind, so when a customer needs your products or services, you stand a better chance of being their first port of call.

Easily measurable

All good email platforms include reporting features such as open rates and click through rates, making it easy to measure the success of a campaign.

Highly targeted

The more targeted an email, the better the results. You can take a mailing list and segment it in to smaller sub-sections, so you’re sending highly targeted content to the right people.

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