Video Marketing

All of your potential clients will already be overwhelmed by the plethora of legal jargon and complex content that is produced in reams by many law firms.

Did you know that video marketing for law firms is currently the vital untapped resource, as consumers are known to respond better to video more than any other type of content? 

If you take away all the old ways of approaching video content – such as expensive cameras, specialist lighting and a dedicated area for filming – the new concepts and strategies involved in video marketing are much more cost-effective and simpler to produce than you think.

Search engines rate websites much more highly if they feature videos, as they understand this is what consumers are looking for to receive summarised information in just a minute or two.

Other benefits for viewers include the ability to choose whether they listen to the audio or view the visuals during their busy schedules, as well as having a personalised approach by being able to see and hear information directly from the people who they will be receiving business from.

Solve Legal can bring your content to life by producing videos for you that gain attention, relay information in a consumer-friendly format and give your law firm the edge by making you more personable.

video marketing


Animated Videos

If the thought of getting in front of a camera doesn’t appeal, we are able to create bespoke animated videos that will represent your law firm perfectly.

These videos can include animated facts and figures, as well as characters to assist your market with understanding more about the products and services you provide.

Animated videos for ELM Legal Services

Animated videos


Having a recorded testimonial from a business partner or client is an excellent way to show potential clients the difference your law firm has made to other businesses and individuals.

Unlike written testimonials, there is no place to hide with recorded videos and you can also show your employees in action and put a face to the firm.

Interviews with industry professionals, either from your law firm or other related businesses, are also very effective at relaying useful information.

Video Biographies

Putting a face to your firm will make you stand out from your competitors. Focusing on being approachable, professional and showing your market what happens behind the scenes will create a lasting impression.

This is often unexplored territory for many law firms, but showing potential clients there are real people behind the work and not just a computer system will get them listening and hopefully enquiring.

Video Marketing

Experts in marketing and in law, Solve Legal can provide your firm with animated videos or explainer videos specific to your target market. Talk to us 0800 133 7127 or email:

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