Corporate Brochures & Literature

One of the most asked questions you will hear while networking or at an event will be “Do you have something I can take with more information?”.

Our specialist team here at Solve Legal know what it is your potential clients need and what they require at every stage when searching for legal services. Having corporate brochures and literature allow law firms to make a lasting impression as part of their marketing strategy.

Corporate stationery

Corporate stationery

The buying process for legal service consumers is always time consuming, as they are needing support during life-changing circumstances that are costly and require serious consideration. Input from legal professionals such as yourself is vital and in this competitive profession, it’s difficult for you to know what is required and how to make your firm stand out.

Your potential customers will always require the following:

  • More information
  • Time to consider
  • Ways to get in touch with you

Having information online in a digital world will certainly play a part in this, but what about circumstances when you’re out and about with no access to a computer or tablet? How will the people you speak to remember to get in touch with you first?

Giving out a business card is an ideal way to share your contact details and help the client to be reminded of you at a later date when they search through their wallet. This, however doesn’t provide them with highlights of what you discussed with them, tell them about what your law firm does or give you any form of identity that differs from other contacts they may have spoken to.

A4 Folder

A4 Folder

Printed collateral doesn’t just have to consist of brochures – there is a range of products we can develop for your needs, including:

  • Product cards
  • Magazines
  • Guidance booklets
  • Postcard mailers

Not sure if corporate brochures and literature are right for your law firm? Why not contact us today and we can show you the possibilities.

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