Corporate Identity & Branding

It’s a fact that more people react to and can recall visuals rather than information they have read or heard.

The main corporate giants have used branding so effectively that anyone can recognise a logo or symbol and associate it with the company. Corporate identity and branding for law firms can be utilised in a similar way and is crucial for developing and building a strong reputation within the sector.

Our team at Solve Legal can work with you to develop a brand for a new company or individual services, or even revitalise an existing identity to help develop a stronger brand for your law firm.


What’s the difference is between a brand and a logo?

A logo is a graphic or typographic element that identifies your organisation. A logo can also be referred to as a:

  • Mark
  • Brand mark
  • Trademark
  • Wordmark
  • Logotype
  • Symbol
  • Brand icon

A company brand is a collective term for elements that identify you as a business. To support your law firm’s logo design, there will need to be supporting documentation to maintain consistency and ensure your brand is being reflected in the right way.

Brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines for 3PB Barristers

Brand Guidelines for 3PB Barristers

In order to allow your employees and external suppliers to refer to your law firm effectively, brand guidelines are an important reference guide.

These will set out a number of rules which must be adhered to when your logo is used across all forms of online and offline media, such as documents, email, social media, artwork and merchandise.

The guidelines cover elements including fonts, colour palettes, sizing and what is accepted as correct usage.

Brand Strategy

Once you have a logo and corporate identity, it’s time to start formulating a brand strategy. This will lay out how you are going to use your brand to develop your business.

Key parts of a brand strategy for law firms include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Brand values development
  • Brand touchpoint analysis
  • Internal & External Brand launches

Whether you’re starting up a legal business or are well-established within the sector, there is a whole host of services our experts can provide – contact us today to find out how we can help.

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