Website Design

When it comes to website design for law firms, our team at Solve Legal have the expertise to give your prospective clients the best first impression.

Standard Website Package

If you are just starting out and need a low cost solution, our Standard Website Package starts from £450 plus VAT and includes:

  • Up to 9 pages including a contact form
  • Personalised with your logo and company colours
  • Looks great on desktops, laptops & mobile devices
  • Supply us with your content and we’ll do the rest!

Quick turnaround – From brief to ‘Go Live’ within 2 weeks.
Simple process – Easy, uncomplicated and stress free.
Easy to update – Using the built in content management system.
Flexible – Grow your website as your business grows. Add more pages and features.
Add-ons – Blog, Live Chat, Full managed website hosting and SSL for extra security

Here are some samples:

“We needed a website that accurately reflected our values along with our demonstrable expertise, accreditations and qualifications to give our existing and potential clients the re-assurance they need when choosing their legal service provider. Solve Legal Marketing were able to deliver this, not only giving my clients a great site but also my business the perfect way of generating new business from the web.” Paul Winterflood, Practice Principal at Kingsman Associates

Bespoke Websites

We can design, build and host bespoke websites for law firms that…

Look great on all devices

In order to cater for all visitors to your site, whether they are at their desktop in work or on their mobile during the daily commute on the train, having a responsive or “mobile friendly” website is critical.

The buyer journey is changing, with over 50% of people now using their smartphone to research, compare and access products and services.

Are quick and easy to update

Having a content management system (CMS) that is free of any complex features, makes it much more efficient for you to market your law firm and allow your website to grow with your business.

WordPress is our trusted, go-to system as it allows our team to create websites for law firms of any size and implement features that work best for you.

Get results

Tracking analytics that show how well your website is working as part of the marketing of your law firm, allows you to gain valuable insight into the behaviour of your visitors and seek potential leads.

This data can not only be used to determine and improve ongoing sales and marketing strategies within your law firm, it can also help to calculate the return on investment.

If you are looking for a fully bespoke website we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and provide you with a full quote for design, development and content writing.

If you’re not looking for a complete design package or redesign of your current website, we can also create dedicated landing pages for online marketing campaigns. These are used within effective lead generation and can feature:

  • Free whitepaper or e-book to download
  • Premium content such as videos or reports
  • Access to a webinar that shares your expertise
  • Offers, discounts or free trials

Here are some samples:

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