Solve Legal Marketing Shortlised for Modern Law Awards

  • Christine Champion
  • Christine Champion
Solve Legal
Solve Legal Marketing Shortlised for Modern Law Awards

We’re pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted at this year’s Modern Law Awards.

Working on behalf of Lawyer Checker, a campaign that was both developed and designed by our team has been shortlisted for the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year award.

We felt that using striking imagery would be most effective in order to immediately seize the viewer’s interest, whilst the simplicity of the design clearly reflects the message that Lawyer Checker wishes to communicate to their audience.

Commenting on the thinking behind the campaign was Marketing Manager Christine Champion. She said:

“We wanted to make sure that this campaign stood out from previous Lawyer Checker advertising as well as industry competitors. Lawyer Checker has had a few established ‘slogans’ over the years, with the main one being ‘Prevention is Protection’. With this in mind, we decided to try a different take on these words. The result is an eye-catching logo which still gets the seriousness of their message across.”

As experts in legal marketing, we understand how important it is for law firms to develop campaigns which best represent what they stand for; not only to build a trusted presence within the sector but also to regularly engage with and remind the target audience of the services they offer.

Given the speed at which the market is expanding, we know that it’s now more vital than ever that firms stand out amongst competitors and communicate with their audience in a unique way.

Expressing his excitement on the award shortlisting was Gerry McFall, Commercial Director at Lawyer Checker. He said:

“It’s great that Lawyer Checker’s campaign has been shortlisted for an award at such a prestigious event; it perfectly reflects the strength of our collaboration with the Solve Legal Marketing team and how satisfied we were with the result. The fact that we stepped outside of the box with this campaign just makes the industry recognition it’s received even more rewarding.”

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