Staff Spotlight: Emily – Digital Marketing Assistant

  • Christine Champion
Solve Legal
Staff Spotlight: Emily – Digital Marketing Assistant

In the first instalment of our new Staff Spotlight feature, the focus is on Emily, our Digital Marketing Assistant. Emily joined us in August this year and is currently completing a Level 3 apprenticeship in Digital Marketing.

Emily is never afraid to get involved with any aspect of Digital Marketing and is a great addition to the Solve Legal Marketing team.

We asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better…

Emily Digital Marketing AssistantTell us a bit about yourself and the skills you bring to Solve Legal Marketing?

“I believe I am a bubbly, sassy individual and a team player. My best skills are, video/camera editing, technical camera knowledge, determination to be better and confidence. ”

What are your first impressions working here and has any aspect of your new role come as a surprise?

“My first impressions were that everybody in the team works together like a cog in a great marketing machine.“

“I was surprised at how many different enquiries Solve can get in a day.”

Describe your typical working day.

“Every day working with Solve is different, which makes my job so unique. I can come into work every day knowing I’m probably not going to be doing the same thing I did the day before.”

What are your thoughts on our newly expanded office space and spiffing new design features?

“I think it’s great as it represents that our company is expanding and getting bigger!”

Getting on to the most important quick-fire questions, we want to know a bit more about the ‘real’ you:

Favourite film?

“The Notebook.”

Favourite artists/bands/albums?

“Ben Howard.”

Favourite food & drink?

“Spag bol and iced coffee with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!!!!”

What are your hobbies or interests?

“Editing my holiday vlogs and I used to do horse riding for 9 years, until I broke my leg.”

Back to Solve Legal Marketing…what is the best thing about working here?

“Everybody is so lovely; my team ensures they always get the best out of me and always gives me new work opportunities to help me progress in my apprenticeship.”

Finally, how do you hope your colleagues would complete this sentence: “Emily is most likely to…”?

“Emily is most likely to tell us what she’s having for tea when it hits 5pm. Also, I hope they might say Emily is most likely to not stop doing a project until its finished.”