Staff Spotlight: Georgia – Content Executive

  • Christine Champion
Solve Legal
Staff Spotlight: Georgia – Content Executive

The focus of this week’s Staff Spotlight feature is Georgia, our Content Executive.

Georgia has been producing amazing content for us for the last year. She never fails to deliver when under pressure. We asked her the following Paxmanesque questions:

Georgia - Content Executive

Tell us a bit about yourself and the skills you bring to Solve Legal Marketing?

Whilst communication might not be my best skill, I tend to let the content I write do the talking. I’d like to think I bring my English skills and knowledge of the odd legal term to the table.

What have you been most surprised by working at Solve Legal Marketing?

Probably how quickly we’ve been able to grow and become a recognised agency within the market.

Describe your typical working day.

I’d say it’s around 20% checking news feeds and social media for any interesting updates or insights from within the legal sector. The other 80% is spent trying to translate that into a readable piece of content which professionals won’t mind reading.

What are your thoughts on our newly expanded office space and spiffing new design features?

It’s great to see the office expanding; it just reflects how quickly the team is growing. ‘Spiffing’ is most definitely the word I’d use to describe the freshly painted orange wall in our room.

Getting on to the most important quick-fire questions, we want to know a bit more about the ‘real’ you:

Favourite films?

Back to the Future, Drive and The Dark Knight

Favourite artists/bands/albums?

Fleetwood Mac, Blood Orange and the Black Keys

Favourite food & drink?

Most kinds of pasta and probably tea – this might be something slightly stronger on a weekend. 

What are your hobbies or interests?

Streaming several series on Netflix or going to the cinema when I’m feeling decadent. I’m also interested in acting, and still do so when I get the chance to.

Back to Solve Legal… What is the best thing about working here?

Probably how motivated everyone is to provide our clients with the best service. Regardless of how busy we are, our dedication remains unfased. 

Finally, how do you hope your colleagues would complete this sentence: “Georgia is most likely to”

I’d probably go with “type too loudly” or “invent a ridiculous pun”. I’d like to think they’d say I’m also “committed to the content”.