The Different Tools You Can Use On Facebook

  • Emily Ellis
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The Different Tools You Can Use On Facebook

Facebook is constantly developing new tools and adding functionality to improve the platform. According to Facebooks Q4 results for 2017, worldwide they have an enormous 2.13 billion monthly active users. This is a 14% year on year increase. Facebook need to sustain these users’ interest in the platform as well as attract new users.

New tools help to keep the platform’s users interested (and active) but they also provide additional marketing opportunities for your legal business.

New Facebook functionality for your firm

So, what new functionality has Facebook incorporated over the past couple of years that you may not know about? There are several key tools that you can use to effectively market your law firm on the platform:


This new feature is an effective way to share full posts directly onto Facebook. Alternatively (and potentially more usefully) you can use the functionality to write a note that summarises your own website’s recent blog post. You can link this note to the original post on your website, to drive traffic back. Make sure you choose an eye-catching cover photo and catchy title to draw readers in.

Live Video

Live video enables you to create unique engaging video content for your followers at a specific moment in time. It allows you to connect with them directly, by answering their live questions. Currently as the feature is so fresh, live video receives extremely high levels of engagement. It is a great way to drive more traffic to your company page (and in turn your website). Your firm could hold its own video Q&A session or even show potential clients around your office/premises.

Create an Offer

Businesses can post an offer regarding discounts in store, online or both. A business must pay a fee if they wish to promote them on the platform, but they’re free to post. Offers not only help you acquire new customers, they also help you retain your existing customers.

Create a Poll

Creating a poll allows you to get your customers preference on what they want to see from your business. For example, if you post a question stating, ‘what is your favourite product of ours?’ a clear answer will be shown in percentages allowing you to discover what your customers opinions are.

Get Phone Calls

Additionally, you can also add numerous buttons on your company page such as; make a booking with example, contact example, learn more about example business, shop with example or donate. These are extremely useful as they are a direct clear CTA for customers.

An Ever Increasing Range Of Advertising Options

If you use these relatively new tools in conjunction with Facebook’s expanding range of advertising options, the opportunities to promote your business on the platform are numerous.


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