Using Webinars to Generate More Business

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Using Webinars to Generate More Business

There’s no secret formula to holding a successful webinar, although there are plenty of ways you can prepare in advance and generate more business for your law firm.

Why are webinars so successful?

The answer is trust. Webinars largely involve matching a face or physical voice to a brand. If your webinar features a human face then, generally speaking, it will have a far more positive impact on your viewers than if you simply used a voiceover and a screen recorder. The audience is more likely to trust a webinar involving a human face than one that doesn’t – and with trust comes more belief in your legal services, which in turn offers greater lead generation potential.

Build relationships with key decision makers

Before you start planning your webinar, it’s always a wise idea to lay the groundwork far in advance. Building relationships with key decision makers, influencers and thought leaders via networking events, social media and personal email correspondence can contribute so much towards the success of your webinar. Let them know about your webinar as soon as you have a title, so they have time to share the news with their networks. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to develop a collaboration webinar with an industry leader. Not only will this increase your exposure and sign-ups, it leaves the gate open for more leads and sales.

It’s all in the title

Much like writing a blog or an article, the title of your law firm’s webinar is one of the key motivators for people. Spend time brainstorming ideas – with special emphasis on topics that either haven’t yet been covered or aren’t covered enough in the legal industry. The title should answer your target market’s question. So how do you find out what sort of questions they’re asking? This is the time to conduct a poll and see what your audience wants to learn or what your audience finds intriguing.

Don’t be afraid to heavily promote your webinar

Aggressive promotion is actually very effective when you need to put your webinar out there. Don’t be afraid to heavily promote it on social media and through email marketing – the time limit on sign-ups may induce a ‘fear of missing out’ feeling among your target audience. Make sure your webinar sign up page is accessible through your law firm’s homepage too – as your regular search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts will still bring website views in from people who were otherwise unaware of your webinar.

Create a user-friendly sign-up page

According to recent research, if your sign-up page is easy to use then you could see up to 50% of the page visitors signing up to your webinar. Of those who sign up to your webinar, an average of 30% will view the webinar live. Even if they don’t attend your webinar, you’ll still have their details for use in future email marketing campaigns.

Provide a recording

Webinars are, as mentioned above, live presentational lectures. Although some of your audience may be watching the webinar live, the majority may be busy when you’re ‘on air’. This is why it’s vital to provide a recording of your webinar for those who missed it the first time round. Convenience plays a large part in many people’s lives and, when you cater for convenience, you’re able to reach out to more people and increase your chances of generating warm leads or even sales!

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