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Vlogging for Lawyers

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
  • 7th February 2018
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Vlogging for Lawyers

Vlogging for your law firm

 Having grown to become an entity in its own right, vlogging stands for a video blog or video log, where most or all the content is in video format. You’re likely to have heard about it on a streaming platform such as YouTube, but did you know that it could be a great tool for your law firm?

A study found that the average consumer will watch approximately 206 videos per month, and this figure is growing. If you imagine that each of these videos is an opportunity to set your firm apart from your competitors, establishing a vlog for your business could be the way to go.

Why should you create a vlog?

Firstly, just like creating a video or blog, you need to choose the subject you are focusing on, as this allows you to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge to your consumers.

Vlogging also shows the more human side of your firm. By giving clients the opportunity to look inside your business, it gives them a sense of realism that they are buying from an actual company rather than just a faceless website. This immediately creates a sense of trust between you and potential clients, before you’ve even met.

You can also focus on your SEO whilst vlogging, and there are so many tactics you can include to ensure that your content ranks better. This will increase engagement as well as those all important views.

Boosting video views

With the rise in video popularity comes an increase in audience expectation. Given the high quality content which many YouTubers are pushing out, consumers will naturally expect a video from a law firm to be even more professional, so it’s important to think about production. Take into consideration what camera you will use to film, as well as the software you will use to edit. These don’t have to be expensive – tools such as windows movie maker or Apple iMovie for example are already built in to your desktop.

As is the case with articles and blogs, longer content seems to rank better, so make sure that your video is at least 3-5 minutes long.

For SEO purposes, when uploading your vlog, ensure you have relevant keywords in your titles, descriptions and video tags. Whilst it’s good to add as many tags as possible, ensure that they are relevant.

As well as posting your vlog on social media platforms, make sure that you embed your videos onto your blog or website to receive higher rankings and increase views.

What should you vlog about?

Vlogs are an easy way to showcase expertise, and so the possibilities really are endless. For example, you could create vlogs covering industry news, deliver a Q&A session or even carry out an office tour. People are much more likely to engage with a business that they know more about, giving you the chance to be selected over your competition.

That’s not to forget that vlogging can be a great outlet for your firm, both in terms of team building as well as showing prospective consumers the more human side of your business. Whether you want to be seen as professional and corporate or approachable and down-to-earth, vlogging enables you to personalise your content in line with how you want to be perceived.

When pursued in the right way, vlogging can have a significant return on investment, not to mention the consumer engagement it can achieve.

If you’d like to discover how your firm could benefit from vlogging or other video content, speak to one of our expert team today by calling 0800 133 7127.