White Papers – A Marketing Tool For Law Firms

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White Papers – A Marketing Tool For Law Firms

No longer confined to government documents and political policies, white papers are now being used as an effective marketing tool.

They will often act as a gateway for consumers, drawing them to your website by addressing an issue or tackling a problem that they’re searching for. Rather than a complex document full of legal jargon, white papers tend to provide an answer is a simplified, yet professional way.

What are the benefits of publishing a White Paper?

As well as being informative, white papers can play a key role in your marketing strategy.

Lead generation
One of the key benefits of a white paper is the high potential for  lead generation. Rather than simply stumbling upon the document, it’s likely that a consumer will have found it by actively searched for an answer to a specific problem. In this respect, the audience who read it will be much more targeted.

Rather than simply being given away, access to a white paper will usually require something from the consumer. Usually an email address or phone number, this is an immediate and easy way to generate valuable leads.

Creating a mailing list
You can take this one step further by using the white paper to quickly create a mailing list. By ensuring your blog is related to the subject of the white paper, you’re likely to attract potential readers that will be interested in what you’re writing about.

Whilst it can be difficult to encourage people to subscribe to a newsletter, consumers will be much more inclined to sign up if they are receiving something free in return. Not only will you be sending them valuable information regarding the benefits of your services, but you are also gaining them as a subscriber.

Demonstrate expertise in your industry
Given the detailed nature of the content, white papers are an effective way to demonstrate business expertise and prominence within the industry. Branded with your firm’s logo, consumers will immediately link your business with the expert knowledge contained within the document.

Similarly, an informative white paper can boost your presence on social media and gain further traction from shares and “likes”. This can help you to be seen as a leader in your field and enable your firm to become the first port of call for consumers.

Whilst it’s obvious that a white paper is a great way to attract new business to your firm, finding the time the to create one can be a problem.

Experts in marketing and in law, Solve Legal can provide your firm with tailored and informative white papers, specific to your target market. Talk to us on 0800 133 7127 or email: info@solvelegal.co.uk

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