Why Law Firms Need Mobile-friendly Websites

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Why Law Firms Need Mobile-friendly Websites

In November 2016, the use of mobiles to access websites surpassed desktop usage for the first time – which is hardly surprising considering over 80% of internet users own a smartphone. 

When it comes to the legal sector, approximately 20% of people who frequently use their phone to research businesses are specifically looking for professional and legal services. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your website is fully mobile-friendly so you can accommodate users visiting your website via smartphones, tablets and desktops.  

Why Law Firms Need Mobile-friendly Websites

What is a mobile-friendly website? 

A mobile-friendly website is essentially a site that fits neatly onto devices such as smartphones and tablets. It should load quickly, be easy to navigate, contain little to no horizontal scrolling, be easy to use the contact or enquiry form, avoid using unplayable content (e.g. Flash isn’t supported by the Apple OS) and it also should be goal-orientated and concise.  

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website then it could be harming the number of visitors, and even conversions, on your site. A non-mobile-friendly website is usually difficult to navigate, so the user can’t find what they’re looking for at a moment’s notice when they’re possibly pushed for time as it is. Many people will use their smartphone to quickly look up a business to summarise whether or not the company is suitable – then they will visit the website on desktop/laptop at a later date.

Reduce your bounce rate 

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, the bounce rate can be 79% higher than mobile-friendly sites. A bad bounce rate is a cause for concern – people are leaving your website within mere seconds if they feel it isn’t user-friendly enough. So, by ensuring your firm’s website is mobile-friendly you’re increasing the time users spend on your site

Mobile Website Optimisation

Get in Google’s good books 

It’s worth ensuring all search engine optimisation (SEO) is of high quality throughout your website. Pairing good SEO practices and a mobile-friendly website can contribute towards improved organic growth in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Google rewards high quality websites – especially if your SEO is on point and your website is tailored for all the various devices out there. Again, if your website is more user-friendly and your bounce rate decreases, the search engines will recognise this and they will see your website as a place where users can find the answer to their solutions – such as anything from ‘Manchester conveyancers’ to ‘will writers in Exeter.’  

Look and feel the part 

Aesthetics still matter when it comes to website design, along with page load time and responsiveness. All companies, especially the legal services, strive to make a professional and clean-cut first impression to website visitors. Ensuring your firm has a mobile-friendly website demonstrates to the user that your business is reliable, keeping up with current technologies and more likely to provide a seamless service. Website responsiveness does actually affect your position in the search rankings – so it pays to make sure your website looks and feels the part.  

ELM Legal Services - Responsive Website Design

ELM Legal Services – Responsive Website Design


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