Why Live Website Chat Is A No-brainer For Law Firms

  • Christine Champion
  • Christine Champion
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Why Live Website Chat Is A No-brainer For Law Firms

If you look at the bottom right corner of the Solve Legal Marketing website, you’ll see that in one simple click you can start a live chat with one of our experts. If you aren’t using live chat on your website, you are missing out on a whole host of potential enquiries and new clients! 

Live chat is one of the most under-utilised pieces of functionality that you can add to your website. Implementing live chat could have dramatic results on the number and types of enquiries you receive. This will benefit you in ways you may not yet appreciate.  

We’ve previously looked at 7 ways that live chat can benefit your law firm, so in this article we take the opportunity to explain in real terms some of the experiences that we and our clients have had, since integrating our live chat service on numerous websites.  

How we use live chat here at Solve Legal Marketing

We use live chat on our own website as an outlet for people to ask us initial questions in a fast, informal manner. We find that some people just want a quick answer, they don’t want to wait for an email reply. Some people want to have a real-time conversation with you, but communication via phone may not always be the best medium for them. Perhaps they are using public transport or in a public place – or simply don’t want to have to speak to you but want some information quickly!  

Often people use our live chat facility to arrange a call-back to discuss a project that they have in mind. Generally, for us as a marketing agency, we still find that most people prefer to enquire by email or phone. There are however a smaller (but still substantial and growing) number of people who see live chat as their preferred method of contact.  

If we didn’t bother with live chat we’d undoubtedly miss opportunities to speak to potential new clients who may not otherwise have made that initial enquiry.  

A word on the limitations of live chat

For most legal businesses it simply wouldn’t make sense to hand out legal advice using live chat. There are of course compliance issues and logistical staffing issues that wouldn’t usually make this practicable. There are however countless marketing and administrative benefits you can gain from implementing live chat on your law firm website. 

How our clients in the legal sector use live chat on their websites

Queries and new enquiries

Overwhelmingly, live chat is used by a wide range of our clients to garner leads. For several clients we’ve implemented live chat conversion tracking within their Google Ads PPC campaigns. This enables them to track each time a paid visitor starts a live chat on their website. Adding this functionality gives potential clients another method of getting in touch which is extremely cost effective.  


Creative uses of live chat

The potential uses of live chat are only limited by your imagination: Some firms use a chat app on their website for people to book or amend appointments. Others use live chat as a live FAQs facility. Some people simply choose to add live chat to their website as it gives a professional image (of a business that takes customer service and potential customers seriously). Many firms use live chat as a support facility for users of a service. The opportunities to tailor live chat to your specific business needs are almost limitless. 


Often, for some of our larger clients, we have found that at times of high demand – such as when all phone operators are busy – potential (and existing) clients often prefer to turn to live chat. These are often enquiries that would otherwise have been lost to a competitor. 

Complaint handling and online reputation management

For any legal business that operates at volume (such as providers of predominantly one-off services), inevitably they will receive a certain number of complaints – often about administrative issues. Even if your business offered an impeccable service 100% of the time, occasionally certain customers would still find something to complain about.  

Appeasing people who may otherwise be ‘vocal’ socially

The beauty of having a live text-based chat facility on your website is that it often attracts the sort of people who would often turn to social media to complain. In many cases, an appeasing conversion can leave behind no damaging online footprint (in the form of a negative review on a review site, or public criticism on one of your social media platforms).  

For some firms, simply using our live chat service as an alternate complaint handling option can pay for itself many times over. This is without factoring in the other, more positive benefits. 

Managed live chat, or do-it-yourself?

This often comes down to whether you have enough customer-service savvy staff to be able to monitor your live chat. You can of course turn live chat off (and with most platforms there is an option for people to leave a message). Having the option to start a chat available at least in office hours is a good idea.   

If you aren’t currently using live chat on your website and you have a reasonable volume of website traffic, you may be surprised by the response you get. 

If you would like to discuss how our managed live chat service works (as an add-on to all our website packages) please get in touch!