Why Professional Logos Are Not Cheap

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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Why Professional Logos Are Not Cheap

A logo is not just a logo. Whilst you might think it’s just something to use on your website and marketing material, a logo is much more than just an image.

As well as acting as a signpost to visually represent your business, it shows clients a glimpse of who you are, creating trust, admiration and hopefully the start of a loyal relationship with them. If a logo is there to include these things, would you really expect it to be cheap? 

Understanding Professional Logo Design

Many clients don’t understand that professional logo design takes immense creativity and extensive research into their business; taking the time to gather this is important and can help ensure a business is represented in line with the client’s vision.  Why should a graphic designer invest frequent time and use resources when there’s no guarantee payment?  

There are numerous details that go into designing a logo. Take into consideration a designer must find a unique, rare font that hasn’t been used already and best fits your company. Consider colours, sizing, alignment, positioning and much more. Using a creative mind can be extremely draining.  

So, what goes into the design process of a logo?

The Brief

Our graphic designer will initially conduct an interview via phone to get to know a business and what their mission statements are. 


They will then start research into the industry, history and most importantly the competitors of a business to compare branding and colours. This can include related patterns and colours which fit their mission statement. They will also explore current styles as well as looking at past professional logos which have worked effectively to gain additional inspiration. 

Methodology and Conceptualising

There are multiple methods to help design a logo. These can include: brainstorming, word association, various sketching and word mapping. As well as helping to form a final product, these help the mind to think creatively. 


Our graphic designer will regularly pause to reflect on their progress and review the ideas they’ve created.  During this time, they may even come up with a fresh idea or new concept to include. 


When it comes to finalising logos, designers will present all their ideas to the client with an explanation of their vision and how it will apply to the business. This allows them receive feedback and work on any revisions. Whilst it’s likely that there will be amends, this is important for both the client and the designer; both want the finished product to reflect the business.  

Telling a Story

Designers don’t just think of these things off the top of their head. They commit to working through all of these stages to ensure they deliver a professional logo that tells a story about your business’ values and is a starting point for your whole corporate image. 

So, how much does a logo cost? This will depend on what you’re looking for; every company has different needs, including where the logo will be distributed, the size of the business and how detailed your brief is. 

To find out how we can design a professional logo for your business, speak to us today by calling 0800 133 7127.