Why Relying On Referrals And Offline Marketing Simply Isn’t Good Enough

  • Emily Ellis
  • Emily Ellis
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Why Relying On Referrals And Offline Marketing Simply Isn’t Good Enough

A quick glance over the SRA (Solicitor’s Regulation Authority) list of Law Firms reveals that many firm’s websites are extremely outdated. Countless firms and practitioners don’t have any online presence at all. In today’s world that is shocking!

We all know legal services providers often rely heavily on word of mouth and offline marketing to gain new clients. If, however your firm has no online presence, you are missing out on a substantial and growing stream of new enquiries and clients. Many potential customers will research a law firm online, before they decide to contact them.

If you have an optimised online presence representing your business in a positive light, you’ll not only attract completely new leads, you’ll also convert more people into customers who are already aware of your business.

Outdated Websites

Having an out-dated website makes you appear behind the times (as a company). It also makes you look unprofessional and leaves potential new clients (that may have chosen you) looking for another Law Firm. Likewise, if you have no online presence, and rely on referrals and offline marketing you close off marketing channels that could have a huge impact on your firm’s growth.

Optimised Websites

If you have a well populated and optimised website, potential clients can find out more about your firm. You can effectively ‘pre-sell’ your business before they even contact you. You can provide information on your staff, your location, your ethos and values and the services you offer. The bigger your online presence, the more people will recognise your law firm. In fact, the average website gets around 1,000 visitors a month. Can your business really afford to ignore these people – who are probably now looking for your site?

Social Media Presence

Creating a well optimised, modern and professional looking website should be your priority. Creating social media accounts for your firm (and actively engaging with potential new clients) should be next on your list.

Having a strong social media presence on relevant platforms can help you stand out in the legal industry. This enables you to network and make mutually beneficial connections with other firms.

If you don’t have a strong online presence (and you are relying on referrals and offline marketing techniques) you are missing out on a huge number of potential new clients.


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