Why You Should Be Using Content Marketing

  • Emily Ellis
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Why You Should Be Using Content Marketing

A well structured content marketing campaign can cost less than traditional offline marketing and have the potential to generate more leads.

For many firms traditional marketing is becoming less cost-effective over time. As a law firm, you need to ensure you are keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends to keep your business in the eyes of consumers.

Content marketing focuses on creating and publishing relevant and regular content to attract and engage your target audience. The ultimate aim for a law firm is to produce leads for your business. Content marketing can also be a way to increase links to your website and engage with existing customers.

Using content marketing for you law firm

Content marketing is likely to be beneficial for your business. Content used for marketing purposes is viewed by 70% of UK adults every month. It now accounts for more than 20% of marketing budgets, with that figure expecting to increase over the next 12 months. Marketing is impossible without great content, and with content marketing being such a broad concept, there is so much freedom you can have when choosing what type of content best represents your firm, from blog posts to video to webinars.

Here are some further reasons why you should be considering content marketing:

It increases sales

Content marketing is an easy window for companies to sell their products and services to their customers. They’re more drawn into this type of marketing as it increases purchase decisions.

It has a high ROI

If you publish your content in many places such as social media platforms, you’ll see a return in the form of brand visibility, brand reputation, customer engagement, conversions and inbound traffic. You can reuse, repurpose and republish content. If a piece of content has worked effectively for you in the past, then reuse it or construct something new in the same style or approach. This is an effective way to not only save time but ensure you are continuing to use what works.

Retain customers

It keeps consumers engaged by giving them editorial while keeping them updated with new products or services within your firm.

Build or reposition your brand

Since good content on websites, emails and print products requires a certain degree of concentration on the part of the consumer, you have the ideal opportunity to alter their perception of your brand. Since content marketing experts like us know what works best when marketing to your chosen audience, we can ensure your message gets through to exactly the right demographic.

Cost savings

Content marketing saves you a lot of money if you know how to use it correctly. That’s what we’re here for, to help guide you and your business in the right direction for your own content.

Looking to start using content marketing for you law firm? We are experts in creating engaging content. Call us today on 0800 133 7127 or email us at info@solvelegal.co.uk 

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